Monday, March 3, 2008

Grand Openings

I went to a couple grand openings this weekend. One for a new baby store and one for a new fishing store.

The baby store was very nice they had some really cute items but I was expecting more. They had mostly main stream brands, now call me silly but I expect a baby boutique to carry boutique style items not products I can buy at Target or Motherhood Maternity. Why would I pay their high prices for the same shoes I can get half price at Babies R Us?
Another thing that really bugger me was all of their friends that were there, its great that they want to support you but if they can't be nice to your customers you might want to celebrate at the bar across the street after you close. I take a great deal of offense to people who don't know me telling me how to raise or what to feed my daughter (in all honesty I take offense to anyone telling me how to raise her). If I choose to feed her off of my plate that is my decision do not presume that you know my daughter better than I do.
Also if you are going to hang out in the kids play area expect some noise, expect some toys to go a bit wild and if you are going to set your drink on the floor and not pay attention to it expect it to get knocked over. You are in a KIDS play area that means children will be playing and do not get all huffy with me because you are to busy in your adult conversation to even watch your glass let alone your own kids.

The fish store opening on the other hand was great. The owners were very nice and the store had some excellent products. I will be shopping there again.


nicole said...

Some people just don't think and kids are kids.

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

Dawn sounds like it was a chaotic oppening! You feed your baby what you want, just don't feed mine, LOL! Just kidding I'm sure Al would love what you'd give her.

BTW I think you know that we are doing an ongoing thread on BC for our bloggers. If you'd like to be included in a siggy we are asking that you email Anelys with a picture of you the mom and the names of the los with their birthdate, thanks!!