Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another Shopping Trip

Sorry its been a couple days since I have been here. But I had to go shopping and Emelia has been keeping me very busy. She certainly has the crawling thing down along with the everything I find must go in my mouth.

On Thursday I headed to Walgreens and spend $.71 and my rebate giftcard this is what I made it home with. My total savings is over $250.00

I also stopped by Safeway and I was able to do my best shopping trip ever, before coupons my total was $45 after coupons $.02 yep that is correct 2 whole cents.


Erika said...

That is SO AWESOME. I'm from the BBC June 2007 board and I saw from your post that you are a couponer! I have just started getting into this, and I hope someday I will be as good at it as you. :) I've just completed my first full week of clipping coupons (2 newspapers' worth) and made my first trips to CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid and saved lots of money already. It's addictive!