Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Grrrr- Rude People

I had to run into the post office today to drop off some packages as usual the line is halfway through the main lobby. Thankfully I had already printed postage so I just needed to take my packages to the front counter.

Ok that doesn't sound too hard. I get Mia, my purse, and the packages and we head in. Well, Mia has decided that it is fun to slap mommy as much as she can and it is even more fun when mommy's hands are full. I somehow manage to avoid any major blows from my daughter while opening the door with my full hands and I see the counter. Yes I am almost there then I notice a guy with his couple of packages trying to get out the door before it closes I try to grab the door so it doesn't hit him, I wasn't fast enough.

He looks back at me and gives me this nasty look, I say I'm sorry and he says yeah right. OK what the fuck you and your two packages can't open a damn door but I am supposed to hold it open for you while holding my 25lb daughter with both of my hands full. Ummm how about any of the other 20+ people in line none of them even tried to catch the door for you, but sure take your anger out on me. Hes damn lucky my hands were full or I would have socked him. Jerk face.

What happened to chivalry? Damn it I am a woman and I expect men to treat me as such. Hell I don't even care if you hold the door for me and spend the entire time ogling my chest.


Mainegirl/Pauline said...

Dawn, that man should have been trying to help you!! I think Emelia is so darling, I love the pics on your siggy (june moms board) Anyway, she looks busy with the baby food.