Friday, November 14, 2008


Want $12.00 just go to, sign up and activate your prepaid mastercard and they will load $12.00 on it!! You will need to enter the following referral code to get the cash: 12-Dawn Mears

Info on the card:
Not a Credit Card: Facecard is not a credit card, so there's no chance of credit card debt.

* No Activation or Monthly Fees: Unlike other debit cards, there are no fees to sign up.
* Send Money in Minutes: You can add money to your facecard or send money to another facecard online from anywhere, anytime.
* Emergency Peace of Mind: In an emergency you can load additional funds in minutes.
* Direct Deposit: You can set up direct deposit, so your paycheck goes directly to your facecard.
* ATM Access: Facecard is accepted everywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted, including ATMs.
* Friend to Friend Gifts and Paybacks: Giving a gift is as simple as typing an email address. All of those birthday gifts and IOUs can go directly onto the card.
* Set a Budget: It is a prepaid card so once that money is gone, no more transactions are allowed. This means no more overspending or hefty overdraft fees.