Saturday, June 7, 2008


Before coupons $25.31
Coupons $13.00
Rite Aid Rebates $12.97
Manufacture Rebates $2.49

Total -$3.15

Yep I made $3.15 buying this stuff. It would have been more but I picked up something for Del for fathers day.


Mainegirl/Pauline said...

Great deal!

I love love love your roses! You do know I have a rose addiction right?

I love the photos of E!!!

Dawn said...

Thanks! Yep I remember your roses. I still have a couple bushes that haven't bloomed yet but the buds are there.

lisa said...

geeze dawn, help a sister out! i'm here in wenatchee and don't ever get good deals like this! what's the secret?

Dawn said...

I'll take you shopping next time I am in Wenatchee. I am planning a trip over there towards the end of the month.

l said...

yeah! let me know when you are here, if I'm not working maybe we can meet somewhere.

Dawn said...

Sounds good! Send me an email at

Bridget said...

Coupons are awesome!! Good job, finding deals like this is a lot of work! you rock!