Monday, May 5, 2008

The birds and the bees and a paper route.

Spring is in full bloom, the bees are pollinating the flowers the birds are pollinating each other. Normally I really enjoy this time of year, but this year it is a bit different. Why? Because of the paper route. For some reason the little birds, sparrows I think have decided they need to make babies. That in itself is not a problem baby birds are quite cute, but the mommy birds have found that green paper tubes are a great place for a nest. I unfortunately need to place a paper in these green tubes, which really upsets the mommy birds.

The mommy birds take a great deal of offense to me pulling up next to there wonderful green boxes, their plan of attack is to dive bomb me in the car. I have had no less than 3 little birds fly into the car with me in hopes of protecting their nests.

As annoying as they can be I just can't bring myself to destroy their hard made nests.

On the other hand the damn wasps that have decided to take up residence in the paper tubes must die, on my shopping list for tomorrow will be a fast acting wasp spray.


bridge said...

oh my gosh! My mental picture of birds flying into your car is something that should be in a movie! I have to say that is kind of funny, but I am sure it is a real pain for you!