Monday, April 21, 2008

Wow it has been a long time.....

since I last posted. Holy cow I didn't realize I had put it off that long. I have been doing a paper route and it is amazing how that 4 hours a day of work cuts into my computer time. This post will be a lot of pictures, I finally got around to uploading them and I had 80 on my camera. Please forgive the blurry ones I think the camera is on its last leg. But I will gladly take donations to help fund a new one.Laughing smiley

Emelia after we went to a baby shower in her new dress!

I love this pic. I just can't figure out how to rotate it so if any of you blogger gurus know how please leave me a comment. Thanks!!!!!

She loves playing in the sheets when I change them.

Shopping with mommy.

My stupid cats.