Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Baseball Game

Last night we took Emelia to her first baseball game. It was so much fun. I won $5 with the free lottery ticket I got for bringing in canned food. We started out by sitting in the stands but Mia really wanted to play with the other kids so we ended up sitting in the grassy area by the visiting team. I went to get fries and Mia went with me, she found the fried doughnut stand and stood there and pointed at the chocolate doughnuts until I came over and got her some (they were really good). While they were getting her doughnuts she bumped into their table and knocked over their display sodas. As the lady and I were picking them up Mia kept saying sorry - this was the first time she has said sorry.
Mia had a great time playing with the other kids and she got her first baseball. #35 a catcher from the Spokane Indians gave it to her. The game ended with fireworks which she loved.

Beginning of the game sitting in the stands
Waiting for her chocolate doughnuts

Coming back to the stands with the pink bat daddy bought her

Playing with the other kids and getting her baseball

Just taking pics and playing with the camera

Watching the game

High-fiving the mascot - Dusty or as Mia calls him spongebob

The awesome fireworks