Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hospital Visit

About 2:00 today Emelia started acting sick, she was running a temp of 99.6. It wasn't anything too bad she was just more mellow than normal. Around 3:00 she crawled up in the chair with me and fell asleep. When Del got home around 6 she was still asleep and wouldn't fully wake up, her eyes kept rolling back. We checked her temp again and it was 101.6, she was really flushed and sweating quite a bit so we took her off to the hospital.

They tested her for strep throat, RSV, took X-rays - the works and nothing tested positive. They figured she just had a virus and told us to keep an eye on her and if she got worse to bring her back in. While they were getting our discharge papers she decided it was time to start playing. We got her home and I swear you couldn't tell she was sick a few hours ago.

It is a good thing I get hair dye for free this girl is going to cause me to go gray.