Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rite-Aid is aweosme

Del took me to RiteAid for a bit of coupon shopping today, here is what we bought:

The breakdown
2 packs huggies diapers
1 activity laptop
1 pk charmin toilet paper
2 freestyle diabetes monitors
3 glade scented oil refills
1 Little tunes mp3 player
2 huggies baby wipes
1 little digital camera
1 olay regenerist cleanser
1 olay regenerist moistuizer
2 Old spice deodorant
4 1lb twizzler
1 bounce fabric softener sheets
7 excedrin
2 valentine candy
2 cat toy stockings
2 lg Christmas bags
Total before coupons: $143.11
Total after coupons: $6.85

Plus I will be getting back $14 in RiteAid rebates and $15 in Olay rebates. What a freaking awesome money making shopping trip.