Sunday, September 7, 2008

We are moving!

Del got a job offer at Midvalley Nissan in Post Falls ID. He didn't even apply Nissan called the dealership and said they had a great service manager that they needed to see. The dealership called Del and we headed over for an interview. The manager took all of us out to lunch.

He starts next Monday so that means we have a week to move. We are currently looking for a house or an apartment and I am hoping we find one soon I would hate to have to live in a hotel.

I am so excited to be living in a larger town. I miss having decent stores.


Kira said...

Idaho?!? IDA-FREAKING-HO??!?!!? We're never going to see eachother again. :(

Dawn said...

Hehe but I will be less than 15 minutes from and Auntie Annes.

I will still find a way to visit even if I have to fly (shudder) into Seattle.