Monday, June 16, 2008

1st Birthday

Well I survived it, barely.

Honestly I don't even know where to begin so we will start with the cake. I thought it would be easier to have someone make her cake . Well I ordered a 3 tier cake with pale purple frosting and purple flowers with a green accent color. Her party colors were purple and green. What I got was a round cake with 2 layers, white frosting with purple and blue candy flowers and circles with yellow as the accent color.

Her smash cake was very cute but was frosted with very hard frosting. There was no way Mia could smash it so I had to.

The food: Again I thought it would be easier to have someone else make the food. What a joke.He charged me more than double the agreed upon price. Then to make it even worse he needed to borrow $200.00 to purchase the food for the party since his wife was out of town and she had all of the money (yeah thats likely). So now I am over $700.00 into a freaking BBQ. After talking to Del we just decide to cancel and we will BBQ ourselves of course the guy does not answer his phone until the day of the party. He then shows up over 2 hours late with only half of the food and it takes another hour and a half before he shows up with the rest. By this time people are starting to leave.

I swear her 2nd birthday has to be easier.