Monday, May 26, 2008

Spring Festival

I have to say I love small town festivals and fairs. It is so nice to not have to battle a million other people.

Friday we went to the pancake breakfast - Yummy. Emelia loved her eggs and pancake. Then we headed to the sidewalk sales. I love those dollar tables and have I ever mentioned that summer is the best time to buy Christmas cards? I also picked up the cutest thing for Mia's and Finn's B-day. Too cute.

Saturday we started out the morning by going to yard sales. We didn't find anything, I don't understand why people want $5.00 for a used pair of kids old navy jeans, I can't get a brand new pair for that price during their sales why the heck would I buy a pair that someone else's kid has already peed in?

Then we headed over to the Farmers Market, I bought apples and some strawberry bread. I figure Emelia should love it since strawberries and bread are a couple of her favorite things.

Sunday we went to the carnival. Emelia had a taste of her first corndog which she loved. She also played her first carnival game, it was the one where you grab a rubber duck and each duck wins a prize, she picked out a little red and white dog as her prize. Then as a family we got our picture taken for one of the big buttons.

We had a fun weekend!!!!!