Saturday, May 3, 2008

My dirty make-up

I knew my make-up was a bit old but I had no idea that it was dirty and in need of a bath. Thankfully, Emelia was here to help me out.

This morning I get ready to take my shower, I turn on the water and a couple minutes later I get in. When I look down I notice that quite a bit of my make-up is in there with me. I was pretty sure Del wouldn't put my make-up in the bathtub so that left Emelia or the cats. While I am pondering if my cats could possibly do such a thing I take all the make-up out and set it on the counter. Well lo and behold my question is answered as Emelia comes crawling over with a tube of lipstick and sets it in the bathtub, she follows this by some more lipstick, eyeshadow, eye liner and a sharpener.

It looks as though the cats are off the hook and I get some new make-up.

I just have one question does anyone know if eyeshadow dries out?