Saturday, May 10, 2008

How to have a yard sale

Wake up at 6 - be very quiet so you dont wake up Emelia.

Make coffee

Drink coffee while making price signs.

Take play yard out of box and set up for the first time, wonder what all the extra parts are for.

Get clothes ready.

Take a very fast shower before Emelia wakes up.

Get dressed, do hair.

Wake up Emelia and get her dressed.

Put Emelia in play yard and start hauling boxes outside.

Organize everything on tables.

Put up price signs/tags.

Bring Emelia outside.

Fold clothes.

Pick up Emelia because she fell down while climbing the stairs. Comfort Emelia and be thankful there is no blood. Then notice the big ol goose egg on the side of her head along with the road rash.

Go inside and rock Emelia and give her her morning bottle.

Emelia falls asleep.

First customer shows up and Emelia wakes up.

Say screw it and throw all the clothes on a table for .50 people can sort through them.

Handle customers and carry Emelia the whole time because everytime you set her down she either cries or tries to climb back up the darn stairs.

Did I mention it is only 8:30?