Monday, February 18, 2008

Shopping at Walmart

This morning I decided lets go to Walmart, I needed to buy formula and the evil place is the only place in town that carries it. I load up Mia and off we go. Well it just so happens that Walmart has all of their Valentines Day stuff marked to 75% off or more. Well damn that means I will buy more than formula. So I start looking and find some great items, a starbucks gift set that includes hot cocoa, coffee, tea, cookies and a mug for $2.48 of course, I get 3. After loading up with Valentines stuff I head to the baby dept get the formula and head to check out. On my way I see a display of KY gift packs, Umm I wonder if those are on sale, I take one to the register and its $2.25. Well thats a good price and it just so happens I have $3.00 off coupons for any KY product.

Yep Walmart is in the prostitution business, they are paying me to have sex.

Here is a picture of what I bought - 11 KY gift packs, 3 Starbucks gift sets, 1 lotion gift set, 1 pack fishing lures for Del, 12 Valentines soaps for next year, oreos (thanks Kira), fake rose petals and cat food.

I paid just under $20.00 for all if it. Regular price would have been over $200.00.

Somedays I kinda like Walmart.


Kira said...

Jeezus Dawn! Way to go!
Excellent blog. :)